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Pimp My Warehouse RFB

Request for Bid – ISES Portland’s “Pimp My Charity” Program

The International Special Events Society (ISES) Portland Chapter is pleased to offer
this unique opportunity to a select few non-profit organizations. In late April, 2011,
we are offering a completely turnkey, all-inclusive event production package for your
use, in order to host your own fundraising event….but for a fraction of the normal
cost. Especially in these uncertain financial times, this could catapult your
fundraising dinner and/or auction to the next level of profitability, while giving your
donors a unique and memorable experience that your organization might not
otherwise have been able to afford.

ISES is a professional association made up of many individual chapters throughout
North America. We are dedicated to the professional growth and education of our
members, the creation of standards and ethics in our industry, and the provision of
new business opportunities through networking and relationship building. The
Portland Chapter consists of event planners, designers, facilities, scenic and décor
providers, AV and staging companies, entertainers, media, and a host of unique
event service providers of every kind. We hold (10) monthly meetings each year.

For the past two years, ISES Portland hosted a unique new educational event called
“Pimp My Warehouse,” the strategy of which was to show our audience some of the
techniques used in event design and production that can completely transform a
bare space into a magical and elegant event. Many different sponsor/vendors
worked as a team to create an absolutely breathtaking environment each year in
which our audience enjoyed a delicious food, musical entertainment, and a brief
presentation; all within an amazing, mulit-tiered “night club” scene. To say the least,
our audiences have been “wowed” by the experience!

This meeting was so successful, in fact, that ISES Portland decided to extend the
production for an additional day in 2010 in order to offer it to a charity to use as their
event space, at a deep discount.

It was a complete success for Portland Women’s Crisis Line, the lucky winner of
2010’s bidding for this event! In fact, everyone was a winner: ISES was able to
raise funds for its educational programs, the sponsors receive a small stipend for
their services to help offset some of the costs of providing them, and of course, our
benefactor, PWCL, was the recipient of an elegant dinner and auction setting at a
very attractive price.

For April 2011, ISES is once again offering this unique package via a “highest
bidder” silent auction process, which we will explain below. The winning bidder’s
organization will receive the use of the venue, all decorations and furnishings,
lighting, sound, video, rental properties such as tables, chairs, and linens, and
staging. We’ll even throw in the entertainment! Curious about what the past two
events looked like? Have a look at the photos on the following pages!

Initial here_____

• Your event will be held on a weeknight between April 20th and 28th, 2011. We will
confirm the exact date no later than 1/10/11. You can take possession of the venue
at 10:00am on the day of the event, and must vacate no later than 11:30pm.
• ISES will hold their annual “Pimp My Warehouse” event in the same space utilizing
the same event elements on the evening before your event, and will refresh the
venue so that it is ready for you to use the next day.
• ISES will procure and supply all vendor/sponsors and services as follows:
-Event venue
-Up to 90 minutes of musical entertainment (solo artist or DJ)
-Tables, chairs and table linens for guest seating
-Basic food service ware (per person: (2) plates, (4) flatware items, (3)
-Table décor
-Floral arrangements
-Room décor as design dictates
-A small stage suitable for auctioneer and solo performer
-Stage and decorative lighting
-A small sound system suitable for public address, auctioneer, solo performer,
or background music
-A video screen and projector
-Any necessary curtains or event drapes as design dictates
-Lounge furnishings as design dictates
-Buffet tables and structures as needed
-Up to (8) silent auction tables
-A registration area (tables, chairs) and electricity to operate any
equipment you provide (credit card acceptance, computers, etc).
-All personnel required to install, operate or oversee, and remove the
above event elements.
• ISES will provide professional event design for all of the above elements. As is
evident in the attached photos from previous “pimp” events, your event will be an
exceptionally well-designed, stylish adaptation, with design elements sumptuously
integrated to create a memorable experience for your guests.
• The combined “street value” of the above event elements will be between $50,000
and $65,000.
• The event is offered as a pre-designed package; and as such, it is not
“customizable.” ISES will, however, strive to meet your seating and food service
specifications for up to 175 people, and a room capacity for up to 300 people.
NOTE: It will be possible for you to arrange for additional food service items at an
additional cost.
• The event facility’s location will be a to-be-determined warehouse space in
Portland, Oregon. Potential locations include the Pearl District, River District, the
Northwest industrial corridor, the Eastbank, inner Northeast or Southeast,
McLoughlin Blvd, Swan island, and the PDX airport region.
• In keeping with the popular urban tradition of “keeping the venue a secret,” and in
order to locate and offer the latest and “hippest” venue, ISES will not confirm or
announce the location of this event until after January 10, 2011.

Initial here_____

• Food and Beverages are NOT included in this offering. However, ISES will be
happy to offer the same (as yet undetermined) professional event catering service
that will be used for our prior “Pimp My Warehouse” event at a 15% discount. The
use of the ISES caterer is completely at your option and will be negotiated entirely
outside of your agreement to procure the event services called out in this RFB.
Should you decide to utilize the ISES caterer, you would have complete control over
your own menu, but the caterer would be able to pass a small savings along to you
of having already set up their service areas at the venue for the prior ISES event.
Should you decide to utilize the ISES caterer, you will negotiate a contract with that
caterer without the involvement or liability of ISES whatsoever.
• Serviceware (plates, silverware, glassware, buffet service dishes, barware) for
more than 175 guests, or specialty service items (martini glasses, chargers, etc) are
NOT included in this offering. You will need to provide these either through your
chosen caterer or a third party at your own expense.
• Food and beverage service laborers (servers, bartenders, bussers, kitchen prep
personnel) and gratuities for same are NOT included in this offering. You will need
to provide these through your chosen caterer or a third party at your own expense.
• Any kitchen preparation equipment that is not provided by your caterer as part of
their quoted price.
• We will assist you in the arrangement and application for a fire permit, but the
expense for said will be your responsibility.
• Post event cleanup: ISES will provide removal and clean up for all items
associated with the provided event production elements listed above. You and/or
your caterer will be responsible for all cleanup and removal associated with food and
beverage provision. You will be responsible for all cleanup and removal of any items
your organization brings into the facility (such as banners, silent auction signage,
etc). You will additionally be responsible for all garbage and recycling refuse
removal following your event.
• You will be required to provide a clean-up team (volunteer or otherwise) following
your event for the above items as well as to sweep the floors. Additionally, you will
be required to provide a representative on the morning following the event to ensure
that all required clean up has occurred.
• ISES is only providing basic table-and-chair set up for your registration and/or
auction pay area. You must provide your own computers, printers, cash registers, or
credit card acceptance devices.
• You are allowed to bring your own signage or banners, but you will be required to
place or hang them. ISES will provide coordination no later than (7) days prior to the
event to determine how and where to present your signs and banners in a place and
manner best suited to the event’s design and your event’s success.
• If you are presenting any PowerPoint or other computer-hosted display on the
ISES provided video screen, you will need to provide your own laptop and
presentation design services.
• You will be required to provide your own liability insurance for this event, holding
harmless ISES and its vendor/sponsors, and naming same as additional insured in
the event of damage.

Initial here_____

• You will be asked to provide an appropriate amount of promotion to ISES Portland
and all ISES Pimp My Charity sponsor/vendors at no cost to ISES or the vendors
themselves. Promotions could include, but are not limited to:
-Logo placement on your signage or banners
-Logo placement in your pre-event promotional communications
-Logo placement on your event’s website with hot links to vendor websites
-Live mention by your MC during your event
-Inclusion of sponsor names and contact information in all PR and other press

• You may submit a bid at any time before September 15, 2010, to the ISES Portland
Chapter President. Enter your name, organization, contact info, and bid amount in
the space provided below.
• Initial each page of this RFB and return all pages in the same submission.
• Please mail, email, or fax this RFB as indicated below.
• The high bidder will be awarded all of the benefits outlined in this RFB.
• The high bidder will be notified no later than October 15, 2010.
• The high bidder will be required to make a 50% deposit payment of the accepted
bid amount no later than November 1, 2010.
• The high bidder will be required to pay all balances due no later than May 1, 2011.
• There is a minimum bid requirement of $5,000.00 on this offering. All bids must be
at least this amount.
• By presenting a bid for the consideration of ISES Portland, you hereby agree to all
terms outlined in this RFB.



BIDDER TELEPHONE______________________________________

BIDDER EMAIL____________________________________________

AMOUNT BID______________________________________________

AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE___________________________________

Please submit bid to Maria Corvallis, ISES Portland Chapter President, at
maria@petercorvallis.com, or mail to 2204 N. Clark Ave, Portland Oregon 97227, or
via fax to 503-222-1047.

All funds paid by the winning bidder will be distributed as follows:
• ISES Portland Educational Scholarship and Programming: 50% after expenses
• Major sponsor stipends: 50% split pro-rata.
• ISES Portland expenses: approximately $1,500.00.


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